The Confirmation Statement

The Confirmation Statement

What is a confirmation statement?

The confirmation state is the same as an annual report however once a year you are obliged to get in touch with the government to “check and confirm” the information they hold is accurate.

Unlike an annual return you will not have to enter previously filled information if there have been no changes over the last 12-month period. If the status is the same then you will not have to make any changes to the confirmation statement.

Once a year you will need to get in touch and let them know of any changes that has occurred within your company. When you get round to submitting your first confirmation statement you will need to include people with significant control (PSC)

What is the Cost?

The cost of a confirmation statement is the same as the annual return. It is prices at £13 for an online statement and £40 for a paper statement. The fee will cover you for a 12-month period. The 28-day grace has been changed to a 14 days this means that a confirmation statement made for the 30th September 2016 needs to be filled by the 14th October 2016.

Do I submit an annual return or a confirmation statement?

If your made up date is between now and the 30th June, then you will need to file and annual return. If it is after the 30th June, then you will need to submit a confirmation statement.

What happens if you forget to file a confirmation statement?

If you are late submitting your confirmation statement it is nothing to worry about you will not be fined. If you fail to submit one, then Company House will assume you are no longer trading and your company will cease to exist. The assets will pass to the crown.

What do you need to include in your confirmation statement?

When submitting the confirmation statement, you need to check the company’s information is up to date. If they need to be updated, you will need to fill out a separate form and include it in the confirmation statement. The forms can be found on Company House website.

The data you will have check and confirm includes:

  • Company name and registration number
  • Registered home office
  • Single alternative inspection location
  • Location of the companies statutory registers
  • Information about the directors
  • Information about each company secretary
  • Statement of capital