Price Guide

Self Assessment Tax Return Price Guide* £125 £175 £225 £275
01. I earned less than £100,000 from one employer yes yes yes yes
02. I earned more than £100,000 or had more than one employer yes yes yes yes
03. I have employment benefits or expenses to claim yes yes yes yes
04. I am a director of my own limited company yes yes yes yes
05. I am self employed   yes yes yes
06. I need to complete a partnership tax return   yes yes yes
07. I am a landlord with one or two properties   yes yes yes
08. I am a landlord with three or more properties     yes yes
09. I have foreign income     yes yes
10. I need to complete the residence and remittance tax return sections     yes yes
11. I am self employed and VAT registered     yes yes
12. I have a capital gain     yes yes
13. I need to complete CIS tax return       yes

*Due to the volume of work we have in October – January we do have some fees in addition to our standard fees listed above.

They are as follows:

October – December: additional 50 + VAT
January: additional 78 + VAT

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Simpletax provide a very good service . Henri who dealt with my return was spot on in every manner .Would definitely recommend.
Filed a simple Self assessment tax return with an additional income from a LLP (partnership). Despite telling my advisor it would need to be recorded as income they were telling me it should be taxed as dividends. Again having told them this was certainly not the case they then finally agreed. .. secondly upon having filed (And paid) I then received a letter from HMRC telling me the national insurance calculation was wrong to the tune of ~£3000 overpayment... absolutely not ideal. Not offered a refund. Advisor was a nice guy and communicative but I should not be telling them how to do their job. Absolutely basic failings. Now £3000 worse off until I pay my next tax bill.. not as if I wanted that money to do something with it anyway..