Have you heard about FreeAgent

Have you heard about FreeAgent

What is FreeAgent:

It is a money management and accounting tool designed for freelancers, small business owners and their accountants. It is a platform designed to collate your bills. It is able to files documents like: invoices; expense management; VAT; patrol; filling for self-assessment tax return.

It is designed to make your life easier:

One of the key features of FreeAgent is setting up recurring invoices that send to your clients. If they put off payment it will send reminders for you, making your life easier!

It offers hassle free expense tracking:

When confronted with expenses uploading them to your FreeAgent account is simple. Take a picture of it on your phone, upload it. Simply log a list of expenses you have faced and when it comes to doing a tax return it is all their.

It will create your Accounting documents for you:

All you need to do is complete your daily admin and FreeAgent will do the rest. It will generate all your financial reports from balance sheets and profit loss statements to dividend reports.

It will calculate your Self Assessment Liability:

As you go about day to day business FreeAgent will start to calculate your Self Assessment liability. So when it comes to filling out your self-assessment there is no need as FreeAgent has done it for you. Just a simple click and it is submitted.

Other Key Features:

  • FreeAgent allows you to log your hours meaning you price projects correctly instead of guessing.
  • It can connect to your online banking and is able to import bank transactions with Bank Feeds
  • It keeps track of how much you owe in VAT and when you owe it
  • It keeps track of your corporation tax and deadlines


Limited Company   –    £29/month + VAT

Partnership/LLP     –    £24/month + VAT

Sole Trader            –    £19/month + VAT


For further information on the service they offer Click Here or call them on 0800 288 8691